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Sponsorship Advertising with the Burn Network podcast and website

The Burn Network is a collection of metalworking podcasts.  Currently, we host the BlacksmitHer Radio podcast, the Blacksmith Buzz Bulletin and The Blacksmith’s Pub in iTunes, Stitcher, and websites.  Through our interactive shows and online discussions, we entertain and educate a large community of metalworking people. 


Our Audience

We are starting out as a brand-new podcast network and are averaging 6000 downloads a month.  As we bring on more shows, our audience and downloads will grow to more than an anticipated 7000 - 8000 downloads a month.  We integrate our shows and content with social media channels so our audience can interact with our hosts at any time.  They will look to our programs as a trusted resource and will consistently make decisions and purchases based on our recommendations.


Why market to the metalworking community?

  • Due to recent popular TV shows such as Forged in Fire, the blacksmithing and bladesmithing crafts have rapidly become noticed in “mainstream” America.
  • 80% of Americans have internet access from any location.
  • 50% of people seek out product reviews from a trusted source before making a purchase.
  • 70% of 20 – 50-year-old people check their social media accounts more than twice a day.

Sponsorship Advertising Options

Would you like our audience to know about your products or school?  

The price for one sponsorship is $50 (a 15% discount available when you buy 3 sponsorships or more).

Here is what you get with a sponsorship:

  • 20-second audio commercial spot inserted on one of our shows; in the show opener and sign off for one episode
  • A “Thank you” promotional mention with your logo and link to your website on the podcast episode page of the and the podcast website
  • Social media posts and links to your website the day the sponsored podcast is released:

                    o   One post to Facebook on the podcast FB page

                    o   2 tweets with links in Twitter


 The BuRN Networks' goal is to expand our reach to teach others about our crafts through podcasting.  A donation of any size will go directly to the network to continue to expand its offerings.