The Toby, Fire and Steel Podcast


A podcast dedicated to the growth and betterment of all knifemakers, complete novice or seasoned professional. Join me as I conduct interviews with knifemakers and people of interest from associated industries. 

The host is Toby Murrill from Australia. Toby and his son are Australian knife makers and can be found at Toby Fire and Steel on all social media platforms. He does interviews with Australia's top bladesmiths, knife makers and blacksmiths, with a few from other counties thrown in for good measure. He does coverage of related live events and some workshop updates as well.

The podcast will cover subjects from well-known makers origin story's, associations, trends, marketing, social media, down to the nitty gritty of grinding, forging, heat treating, cryo, sanding, handle finishing and stabilizing etc. 

Toby has an extensive YouTube channel that shouldn't be missed!